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Message about instruction: Instruction is based on the following textbook.

Christopherson, Robert W.  Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography.  4th Edition.  New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2002.

- College/University teachers and students: Since many of the local colleges and universities use this text (or a similar edition of this text) in introductory physical geography courses, the instruction within this website is both thematically and organizationally concurrent with the teachings in Geosystems.  Each "Section" or "Table of Contents" theme on the home page navigation bar represents instruction from each of the 21 chapters in the aforementioned text.  However, as opposed to the world-wide aspect of the textbook, the sections in this website give specific instruction, examples, and quizzes from Ventura County alone.  Local as well as global concepts are utilized.  This website is therefore a perfect complement to local and global physical geography teaching and learning at the college and university level.

- High school teachers and students: The instruction within this website can also be used at the secondary (high) school level.  Many of the topics covered are those suggested in the state and national content standards for geography in K-12.  Student learning objectives (SLOs) are present in each of the sections for clarification of content and expectations.  It is highly recommended that geography 9-12 teachers, students, and parents in the area are made aware of this resource. 

- Navigation suggestions are as follows.  The navigation bars are located on the main home page, entitled "Section" and "Table of Contents".  Similar navigation bars are also located within each section.  So, to navigate to another section, just click on the section number or theme by number you wish to go to on each respective navigation bar.  To return to the main home/index page, hit the "Home" icon on the bottom of each page and proceed from there. 

- Quizzes accompany each section.  The answers to the quizzes are located in the answers section, located on a separate page.  You can navigate to this section from the main home/index page (the link is located at the bottom of the home page).

- Field trips to places of geographic significance around the county are very useful in teaching or learning geography.  Many links to helpful websites about places around Ventura County are located on a separate index page, termed "suggested activities and links", to promote geography-related activities in the V.C.  

- Please feel free to use this website for all your physical geography needs, whether instructional or leisurely in origin.  However, this site and its contents are not to be used for commercial gain.  

Tools: The tools needed for instructional purposes in conjunction with this website are as follows.

  1. Google Earth Free Edition software. To downloaded Google Earth onto any computer: log onto the internet, type in the URL = <http://earth.google.com/>, click on the link = “Get Google Earth (Free Version),” and then click the “Download Google Earth” button.  For easy access, place the Google Earth icon onto the desktop for current and future use. 
  2. Christopherson, Robert W.  Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography.  4th Edition.  New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2002.  Any edition of this text may be purchased directly from the publisher, at local college/university book shops, or from a commercial book store.  Any version of this text may also be checked out from a local school or public library if present.

Certain internet viewing options are best for using this site.  It is suggested that all users view this site with small to medium text for best visual results.  The clarity of text and graphics is dependant on the size of your monitor screen, so change the appropriate settings if necessary.   


Thank you to Professors Graves, Jackiewicz, Davidson, Sun, Orme, and Bowen (at C.S.U.N. Geography) for all your help with this project.  My admiration goes out to Professor Christopherson as well for creating such a great geography text book and being so open about its use.  Recognition is granted to T.C., Uncle Joe and Aunt Jan for the hardware/software gifts; I couldn’t have completed this project without them.  I wish to convey my appreciation to Grandma Lilly for gas money to school and all your enthusiasm about this project.  Thanks to Bob-o too for the 'you can do it' attitude and accompaniment throughout Ventura County.  My gratitude especially goes out to Mom Rachel for supporting my decision to continue with higher education, paying my tuition and other school-related expenses, and always expecting more of me.  I would also like to recognize the role my late father has played in introducing me to geography and environmental concerns.  Mom and Dad, your values are my values, and I will pass them on to the next generation.   

Website references:

Bowen, Dr. William A. - California.  Geographical Survey - <http//:geogdata.csun.edu>

Christopherson, Robert W.  Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography.  4th Edition.  New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2002.

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[For thesis references, see Thesis.]

About the author: Jessica Douglas created this project and accompanying thesis for completion of a Master of Art Degree in Geography at California State University, Northridge.  Previous degrees and accomplishments include a B.A. in the same field at the University of California, Santa Barbara; volunteer/internship/work experience with Bear Creek Ranch agricultural production, the U.C.S.B. Development Division, the Channel Islands National Park Botany Division, the Institute for Computational Earth System Sciences Plumes and Blooms project, the County of Ventura Planning Division, the S.B. Channelkeeper Stream Team, and Rincon Consultants.

Jessica's interests outside of academics include body-boarding, skiing, hiking, swimming, yoga, and other athletic activities.  She also enjoys cooking, music, and spending time with family and friends.  Jessica loves being outdoors, especially in places with natural significance.  This has a lot to do with her interest in physical geography and the environment. 

Jessica hopes this website will benefit fellow Ventura County/California residents in terms of geographic knowledge within the community.  Jessica wishes to stress just how important teaching geography to the current and next generation is.  Please support geographic learning (both physical and human) in local schools and at home!  

Contact information: see comments and suggestions link on home index page 

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